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Shipping and Payment Policy

At Adams Electronics, while we take considerable pride in the craftsmanship and reliability of our products, it's important to note that our responsibility for your item concludes once it begins its journey to you. In the transport arena, safeguarding against shipping damage falls under the purview of FedEx—a trusted carrier.

Should any issues arise during transit, they necessitate direct communication with FedEx for resolution. Filing claims for shipping damages is a procedure established by carriers like FedEx themselves; such policies are designed to create a streamlined process so that customers can seek recourse and rectify any adverse situations encountered en route.

This demarcation of duties underscores an industry norm—the delineation between product provider and courier service—which aims at efficient allotment of accountability. Essentially, once your treasured purchase departs from Adams Electric's embrace via FedEx, the baton is passed to their capable hands until its safe arrival at your location or designated drop-off point.

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Warranty on Used Equipment.

Certainly, let's make that information crystal clear. Adams Electric offers a 90-day warranty on user equipment. This warranty covers in-shop repairs and is applicable at their Tampa, Florida location. If an issue arises with your equipment within this period, you'll find assistance readily available to ensure a smooth and trouble-free resolution. Just another way to rest assured that your purchase is protected.

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